You have been home schooling from the time you first gave birth or taken guardianship of a child!


When did Public (State) School start?

They began calling for free, compulsory school for every child in the nation. Massachusetts passed the first compulsory school laws inĀ 1852. New York followed the next year, and by 1918, all American children were required to attend at least elementary school. Resource: Excerpt from internet search.

Public education is toxic. Under the veil of preparing our children for a “better life” it instead poisons their minds with humanistic teachings. It is opposed the one true God, and abhors any attempt to introduce Christianity into its teachings. It is anti-Christ.

How did this come about? The people wanted it! Even today, parents demand they open the schools so they can send their children to their local State indoctrination center (Public school).

When did Home (Cottage) School start?

Well over 6000 years ago. Adam and Eve instructed Cain and Able. We also have cuneiform tablets found in ancient cities used by families to teach educational subjects pertaining to those times and customs.

Home (Cottage) School is a God given right, no Government, Federal or State, nor any person may take that right away.

You have the right to train up your children; and if you should delegate this right to educate them in whole or part you still retain that right, because it is God given, to you!

We can however give up this right by acquiescing to the opinions and demands of others, but if we do it it will prove to be the means of destruction for the family,, the nation, and our children.

What is Home (Cottage) School?

We often think of home schooling as a mom at home using some curriculum or other means to teach the children. We ask friends what they use, we go online to find some materials, and take them on like minded group outings to fill the social gap.

The simple answer is “Home (Cottage) Schooling is teaching and learning in the home environment”.

Why do we also call it “Cottage School”?

Years ago small church groups would meet at a home to pray, and study together. The term “cottage” may have started there. It is the thought behind the word that is to be pondered.

You could meet with a group of like minded parents at various homes, outdoors in the park, the zoo, or other place that would be conducive to hands on teaching.

Keep the meetings orderly and timely. Try not to be to structured and at the same time keep it from becoming just a time to chit chat. Remember, it is about training up the children.

Question #5 Why don’t you suggest or offer a Curriculum?

I am not opposed to curriculums, but your children are individuals and as such should be educated with that thought in mind.

Children learn from their surroundings, examples, and from other children.

There are many good resources and I will list them as time permits.