Home schooling children of any age.

One spirit filled teacher armed with the Word of God is greater then any of man’s institutions where the evil of Darwinism is taught.

The benefits of educating your children at home.

  • Prevents indoctrination by state school system
  • Glorifies God
  • Promotes individual responsibility
  • Parent or Guardian retains position of authority
  • Parent or Guardian determines educational material

Bring It home

Your entire life at home will be a learning experience for you and your child. Don’t be confined to the “old school” mentality. Remember, you are not “going” to school, you are in school, all the time. Every waking hour in your home or elsewhere is a learning experience, and an opportunity to teach.

Example: Instead of “It’s time for bed”, try teaching the hour hand, the minute hand, the night time and day time. Depending on the age you can be more in-depth, like why the body needs rest, etc. So much can be accomplished in just the daily activities at home. You can ask a question or two and start teaching the child to reason. Example: Ask, why do you think it is better to sleep at night, why not sleep during the day?

Every child Is an individual with God given talents.

A key point to remember is that every child is different in the way they look, act, and learn, etc. God has given us individual traits, and that applies to how we learn, our talents, and gifts, all given by God to each person.

Start with fundamental building block subjects

Put some of the church offerings into supporting Christian parents so they can educate their children for the glory of God.

Promote the Gospel in every subject, and endeavor to save their souls. If they are saved then they will be in a good environment; for Jesus will be among them. Brothers, Sisters, volunteer your time to the school so it will be free to all the congregation, and pray God to empower your teaching.

Can we not trust our God to promote his work among our young? Yes! We can display this banner because of the Truth (Psalm 60:4). Does it matter the cost, the hardship, or the inconvenience, one soul is worth it all.

Helpful Hints

The first Subject, and one of the most important if not thee most important is discipline. Train up your children to be disciplined. You start this an the earliest of ages by having bed times, wake times, when to be present for meals, etc. This can only be taught in the Home! Every thing else will stand or fall on discipline. Discipline is the companion to doing the right thing, and not doing the wrong thing.

You can have “Cottage Meetings” at home and discuss various aspects of home schooling. Find some like minded friends and have them over to one of your homes to discuss various topics. Avoid politics, and other subjects that may be divisive. They should be designed to support each other and encourage one another to continue in your schooling. Make it informal, and pleasant to attend. Start each meeting on time and keep the meetings short. This allows those who have other appointments to to leave.

A Consecrated Home

In God’s dealings with Noah and Abraham, with Israel in the Passover and at Mount Sinai, we have repeatedly noticed the deep meaning of the united mention of father and children in His commands and promises. “Thou and thy house”, “thou and thy seed”, ye and your children”, thou and thy son”.

Such is ever the language of the Covenant God. In the words of Joshua we have the response from earth, “as for me and my house”

The principle of the Divine dealing is accepted; the parent boldly vouches for his family as well as himself; the covenant engagement of the Father in heaven is met by the covenant obligation of the father on earth.

Joshua is to us here the very model of a godly parent, and in him we can see what parental religion ought to be.

Let it be a personal religion. “As for me and my house”: he began with himself.

We cannot too strongly press the truth that for a godly education the first and the most essential requisite is personal consecration. It is good to reflect on our responsibility, to study our duties and the best way of fulfilling them, to speak with our children, and to pray much for them, – but all these may be called accessories. The first thing on the part of the parent is a life devoted to God and His service.

It is this that creates the spiritual atmosphere the children are to breathe. It is this that gives our praying and our working its value with God. “As for me” there must be no hesitation or half-hardheartedness in the consciousness or the confession of devotion to God’s service.

As often as the prayer for God’s blessing on the children comes up, it must be in the spirit of David: “Thou, Lord God! Knowest Thy servant. Therefor now let it please Thee to bless the house of Thy servant.” With God and men, in the home and out of it, as well as in the hearts of parents themselves, it must be a settled thing: As for me, I will serve the Lord.”

But let yours be as distinctly a family religion. Take your stand for all who belong to you: As for me, and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Source: The Children For Christ, Andrew Murry